Hard to Get


So it didn’t take you long

to get over me and act like nothing’s wrong.

Well, it makes me wonder if you ever cared.


“That’s not fair,” you say.

You do give a toss.

I saw you in your office;

I wish I was your boss.

I’d tell you what to do to make things better.


You are hard to get over...

when I keep seeing you in random places.

I keep seeing you in people’s faces.


You are hard to get over.

You’re hard not to remember,

when I see you in haphazard places.

I keep seeing you pressing your face into other people’s places.


Suddenly this town seems small.

I spot you twice a day, and then not at all.

It’s not me who’s going...

It’s not me who’s going to leave.


What were you doing in my local?

Okay, I don’t drink.

It messes with my vocal


But that’s my boozer,

and you’re a loser.


The lights were on at your house

while you stayed out all night.