Happy In Crewe

Pouring the whiskey into the coffee cup,

the end of your working life eight hours away.

The students know this is your last day.


Your peers are published, so are you.

The house cleared out, the bills all paid.

Perhaps you could have stayed

one more year.


I hope that you'll be happy up in Crewe.

I hope you'll find retired life suits you.

I know you'll find something, anything to do.

And when the summer comes around again,

I'll take a Tube to Euston, board a train.

I'll get off at your station and I will find you...


...placing your dog out into a dug-out hole,

then putting the bulbs back in their places.

You put the students in their places.


The neighbours are so genteel, and so are you.

Street life intimidates; that's to be expected.

How this railway town has been neglected.


You said my work was beautiful,

but when the mark sheet came around,

you wrote: "This work is very average."


I will find you.