Don't Tell The Neighbours


I keep an old mattress under the bed,

and when things get bad that’s where I lay.

You’ve never told me to leave;

you’ve never told me to stay.


As I draw the curtain,

you draw your weapon.

You tell me I’m not a real man.

I don’t think that’s fair,

but then you’ve never cared for the truth.


Oh baby, please, don’t tell the neighbours our trouble.

I'm not sure I could stand the shame.

Left in the lurch with my name all besmirched,

I don’t want to play that game.


I know you told Rita.

You happened to meet her,

as you picked up the kids from the school.

You left out the worst,

but she’ll fill in the blanks.

She’s no fool.


She’s probably down at the square in the town,

telling everyone our breaking news.

Who needs TV?

They’ve got you and me and our blues!


Tongues are wagging.

My spirit’s flagging,

and your naggging is driving me mad.