Between Eros and Agape

When you always want that which doesn’t want you by definition,
you are screwed.

When you always try to catch the eye that would sooner be left alone,
you’re doomed.

Strung out between Eros and Agape,
I never find them in the same place.

As the perfect line shimmies into place
there’s a moment when the longed-for embrace
seems a little less like the be all and the end all.

But as a pretty melody besieges you with its fingernails,
it never fails to remind you of the petty hopes that rise and fall endlessly.

On my first date in four years
a young man told me I was the most unsociable socialist he’d ever known
(in all his twenty-three years!)
and how really he was looking for someone more his own age
but would I like to see him again anyway?
What could I say?

If no one’s on your side,
I am.