9th October 2018

Misadventures, my new album, is out today as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp, or you can find it on all the main digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, etc). Please tell people about the album. Thank you. David

Or go straight to the album on Spotify here.

25th April 2017

New album out today! It's a free download (or name your price) from Bandcamp, or you can find it in any digital music store (Spotify, iTunes, etc). Please spread the word about the album. Thanks. David

19th May 2016

New album out now! Free download (or name your price) on Bandcamp. Please listen and share. Thank you.

28th January 2016

Here's my attempt at making a Bond song. It needs a little context...

I wrote and recorded A Whistle In Your Ear around the middle of 2015, in other words, after the shock general election result and with the anti-austerity demonstrations imminent.

The most recent Bond film at that point was Skyfall, which had seemed to transcend the 007 format, and the mild disappointment of Spectre was still a few months away. I started imagining the theme song for a Bond movie that didn't yet exist, and it seemed like it would have to be about dissent in some form or other. Whistle is the result.

I wondered how “on brief” my song would turn out to be when the real theme song was revealed. Well, not very. I sat on the track for a few months. But now here it is, ready and waiting just in case Sam Mendes's successor ever makes a film featuring a reluctant protestor.

Thanks for listening.


If you'd like to download the song for free or pay-what-you-like, it's here: http://themeltingicecaps.bandcamp.com

6th December 2015


I reckon there's just about time to get a new song out before the music world collapses into Christmas mode. Here then is Once Removed. Happy listening... and happy the other thing too! David x

PS: You can download the song (free or pay-what-you-want) here: http://themeltingicecaps.bandcamp.com

3rd November 2015


It's been a while, hasn't it? I've had... not writer's block but publisher's block, as in, I've been writing and recording lots of songs but each time I finish one I can't quite bring myself to release it. Not sure why. Anyway, today I've managed to get over myself(!) enough to get over that. Here's a new song then. It's called Evergreen Signs and it's almost as hopeful as the title suggests. Happy listening. David x

PS: If you like it you can buy it here: https://themeltingicecaps.bandcamp.com

13th December 2014

Hello all

Here's my new Christmas song. I hope you have a happy holiday.

David x

22nd November 2014

Hello there

I've written a book! 

Or should I say, it turns out that over the last 13 years I've written a book's worth of lyrics that I think might just be worthy of a paper-based existence... and now here they are, tidied up just a little and gathered together under a make-no-mistake title:

A paperback with a nice glossy colour cover, it runs to 186 pages and features lyrics from over 100 songs by luxembourg, The Melting Ice Caps and The Soft Close-Ups.  There's also a preface in which, among other things, I attempt to justify the idea of publishing song lyrics.

I'd be delighted if a copy of the book found its way onto your bookshelf.  Lulu.com will furnish you with one for just £6.99 plus postage.  (In fact you should be able to pay even less than that because a quick Google search will usually turn up a discount code for the Lulu website.)


Many of the lyrics in the book wouldn't have been written were it not for the brilliant music supplied by my co-conspirators over the years.  They know who they are... and they all get a mention in the book.

Thanks must also go to everyone who's ever turned up to a gig or listened to one of my records.  I would have looked pretty silly doing all this without you.

Happy reading.



27 September 2014

Ok, so you haven't heard from me in a while.  Would ten (mostly) new songs make up for that?  Here's a brand new album!  Stream it for free below or click through to Bandcamp to download it on a pay-what-you-like basis. Then tell all your friends.  Thank you.


19 January 2014

You might know this one...

10th December 2013

There are hundreds of minor planets named after famous people.  A few of them also made it into our new song...

31 October 2013

Hello.  We thought we'd try our hand at writing a jaunty-yet-sad klezmer song.  Here's the result:

30 August 2013

Here's a new song and video.

If you like it, feel free to help make it go viral.  Thanks!


16 August 2013

We made this simple video for the song 'A Week of Warmth' (from the 'Permissible Permutations' album) in the Spring of 2012, but for various reasons the video was never used.  Now we think it ought to be seen.  If you're familiar with New Cross in London, it'll be of particular interest!


June 2013

The 'Old Joy' EP is out now.  It features brand new recordings of four old favourites.  There's a full explanation of how it came about over on the Bandcamp page.  Hope you like it.



March 2013

We made a brief-but-exciting appearance at the Suede-themed 'Under The Influence' event on Monday 18th March at the Boogaloo in Highgate, London.  Here's a nicely put together film of one of the songs we played:


December 2012

Our (anti-)Christmas single is out now for FREE.  



October 2012

Thanks for buying the album, everyone.  We've also had some lovely reviews for it.

On a different note, you might remember David Ice Caps doing a version of 'My Way' at his solo gig earlier in the year.  A few people said he ought to record it, so... here it is.  Enjoy. x

Listen to 'My Way' on Soundcloud


June 2012

We're very pleased to announce that our new album is now available.  It's called Permissible Permutations and it features 11 songs written over the last year or two but not previously released.

Here's the track listing: 

Permissible Permutations
In Bloom
Keep Both Hands Behind The Cutting Edge
A Week Of Warmth
Ghost Writer
I Go All The Way
Join The Dots
Indian Summer
Young Man In A Hurry
Medical Advice

The album is available via Corporate Records at the special price of just £6, for which you get a set of high-res 320kbps MP3s.  You'll also find a streamable 30-second clip of each song there.

It's also on iTunes!

And Spotify!  (Open your Spotify app and search on "melting ice caps permissible" and you'll find it.)

If you like the album, please spread the word in any way you see fit.  Reviews and blog mentions are always particularly welcome!  Thanks for your support. 

And finally, a special thanks is due of course to everyone who helped make the album: Steve Brummell, David Barnett, Aurora Sommer, Phil Whaite, Jonny Cola, Samantha Ashleigh Hayhurst, Mark Estall, Assaf Gidron and Sina Shamsavari.

Happy listening!